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Homosexuality is unnatural! It says so in this book where snakes talk, people come back from the dead, a guy walks on water, and a virgin has a baby.

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So Stana has been challenged by several people, several times, to do the ALS ice bucket challenge and she hasn’t done it yet. So I’m gonna get her. - Jon Huertas (x)

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One of my favourite scenes and bits of symbolism (about having each others’ backs, even when the other doesn’t know it) in the series.

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In 2011, Dutch photographer Charlotte Dumas embarked on a quest to locate the last surviving 9/11 search and rescue dogs who had worked so tirelessly ten years earlier. Retrieved is a collection of their portraits, a moving tribute to these heroic dogs and their handlers.

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Jfc is Canadia even real

I live in Canada and I’m not even sure.

60 notes in and no one has noticed that I spelled Canada wrong…nailed it

It’s ok the leader of our country also thinks its Canadia.

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me as a celebrity

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chief-pan , everybody.

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